Saturday, December 14, 2013

CSF Leak stopped and ear healing

My husband saw three different doctors within the last month because no one was listening to him when he told them clear and yellow liquids were pouring out of his ear and one time when he bent over - out of his nose!   I stayed up late reading information (mostly out of Europe) about these surgeries and complications and we saw that if he would stay on bed-rest for 7-10 days it could fix itself.  He laid around for most of November and by the last week in November it had finally stopped!  Thank God! :)  He went back to work again December 3 and has had no complications since this happening.

Side note:  He was originally told he could not get his ear wet - ever.  Now the doctors have all said he can?  Confusing!!!?????!!!! 

If anyone has any comments on whether you can get water in your ear (swimming, fishing..etc) after a Canal Wall Down Mastoidectomy, please leave us a comment!  Thanks so much!