Thursday, September 12, 2013

Pics from doctor.  Surgery went well.  Ended up doing canal wall down mastoidectomy and replacing prosthesis.

Today, my husband is having his 4th ear surgery in the last three years.  He has also had two sinus surgeries as well.  

He has had chronic ear infections since he was a child.  When we were first married, he saw many doctors who treated his ear infections but didn't get past the surface to discover why he was having so many.  

After a CT scan showed infection in his masroid bone, We finally went to ENT specialists in Salt Lake City where he after a microscopic view of his ear, along with a lot of puss and junk being sucked out of his ear, it was discovered he had no ear drum as well as cholesteatomas which were causing the infections.  

He had his first surgery in 2010 with Dr. Palmer but it was unsuccessful and he continued to have infection.   

He was referred to Dr. Yorguson whom we love and had two more ear surgeries to scrape out more infection and repair the ear drum and the next to repair the hearing bones and put in prosthetic bones.   

We moved to Texas and he began seeing Dr. Lance Jackson at The Ear Institute of Texas for followup visits.  Dr. Jackson sent him for a CT scan which showed his ear bone had not healed properly and would need to be repositioned.  He also discovered more of the pesky cholesteotomas which had grown back.  

He is performing a tympanoplasty and a possible canal wall down mastoidectomy if it's needed.  I will post more about the outcome and add more info as time allows.